Bukit Tinggi (Japanese Village)

just like Genting Highlands, Bukit Tinggi is another small town of Bentong. the difference between Genting Highlands with Bukit Tinggi is that Genting Highlands is much more simutalting like casino and theme park while Bukit Tinggi is more like a relaxing place where there is likely a place for photos and only photos.

so I thought that Bukit Tinggi will be as cold as Genting Highlands, turned out I was super wrong about that. the temperature up there is pretty the same with the temperature in KL, luckily I did not wrap like a dumpling going up there. I even sweat like a pig up there.

there is an entrance fee that needed to be paid when am driving all the way up to the hill but the fee had included the Japanese village and the French village. as far as I remember, the fee is pretty reasonable as the place is pretty well maintained, worth every film if am using a film based camera.

everywhere in it is super green, feels like am super close to mother nature

it's called the Japanese village for a reason

there will be a number of houses that look like the traditional Japanese house that people thought of, more like how people imagine Malaysians stay in "rumah papan". some of the houses are renting the traditional kimono and also there is some professional photographers that take picture of them who rented it. 

with kimonos and all these backdrop, who will not believe if they claim that they have been to Japan? just that I saw the people were sweating really badly while trying to take the best picture under the scorching sun.

there is also some empty houses, like literally empty where people can walk in and out

didn't really walk into it as it's not that big, basically the layout of the house can be seen from one direction. didn't want to walk into it as well as I do not feel like taking off my shoes and feel bad for wearing my shoes in the house.

so there is this super huge house with super huge yard, but the door is locked
surrounded by greens

after wandering around in Japanese village, we went to the botanical garden. this is no ordinary botanical garden, more like a man made rain forest to me.

flowers everywhere, they got into my dress as well

every photos taken there is super dreamy, totally recommend people to take wedding photos here

till the next post. XOXO

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