Ipoh (mural art)

Ipoh happened to be a place where people can have more excuses to take more photos during their visit. Eugenie didn't take me to all of the mural arts on purpose, but stops by if we happen to pass by the spots.

happened to Google the location of mural art and found an interesting website that share every location of it, click here for the website.

a small pack of Kopi ice opposite Plan B.

they call this the "mistress street"

a man making a living in the town by stacking rubbish or recyclable items onto a trishaw

the Plan B in Ipoh is well decorated and designed

a wall with all these locks. guess it holds the similar concept as love lock

every corner worth to be captured


evolution of tin mining

having beer time with some uncles

trying to act like it's a house of my friend

took quite an amount of pictures, but only posting some of it. didn't manage to go to all of the mural arts, but still, every corner is too pretty for pictures.

signing off. XOXO

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