Ipoh (eat)

so after Sungkai, click here for the post. Eugenie brought us straight to Ipoh by offering a room where we can cut off the accommodation budget and stay like a local. as it's pretty late after leaving Sungkai, so we straight head for the famous Ipoh Beansprout Chicken for dinner.

Ipoh Beansprout Chicken @ Lou Wong

as per the local, this is the best place for the beansprout chicken

there is a street where everyone is selling the local Ipoh Beansprout Chicken, and they named it the "Beansprout Chicken Street". apparently, Lou Wong is in the must eat list in Ipoh.

the beansprout. the Ipoh beansprout is shorter and fatter compare to others

meatballs and fishballs

chicken leg and it's super good.

the famous chicken. somehow the steam ones is the famous ones compare to the roasted ones.

that's the dinner for four and we barely finish it.


how is the ambiance there? 
no such thing

how's the price?
portion is crazy with reasonable price

how's the staff?
everyone is busy

how's the food?
this is superb!

will I ever go back there?
whenever am in Ipoh

Dim Sum @ Fu Shan

so the next day, we were brought to the famous dim sum place, Fu Shan. the place is crowded and we were lucky to get ourselves a table during the peak hour for dinner.

dim sum for five, and it is more than enough

I was told this is a must order dessert, not a big fan


how is the ambiance there? 
the place is good and I feel like am in some kind of Hong Kong restaurant

how's the price?
normal, reasonable

how's the staff?
mostly self service there

how's the food?
expectation met

will I ever go back there?
if am craving for Dim Sum and am in Ipoh

till the next post. XOXO

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