so about a year ago, Eugenie suggested that we should try out the Malaysia public hot spring which is located in Sungkai, nearby Ipoh. then we decided to give it a try on a random weekend.

tagged Yi Wei along as Eugenie is bringing her boyfriend with her

before arriving the destination, stopped by for lunch. 

Eugenie claimed that this place serves chicken rice. I don't really remember how does it taste, but what can go wrong with chicken rice.

wrist band after paying for the entrance fee. RM10 per adult.

Larry (Eugenie's BF), Eugenie, me, Yi Wei

after getting the car parked and paying for entrance fee which is far far away from where the hot spring is, we had to queue in order to be picked up to where the hot spring is.

there is a spot which the hot spring is about 100 Celsius degree where people cook their eggs

Eugenie is smart enough to prepare enough of eggs so that we don't have to waste any penny for a much more pricey eggs that are sold there. some say the eggs cooked by the hot spring taste way better, and I can't taste any difference.

the so called therapeutic park where there is a path filled with little stone

some say the less you feel pain, the healthy you are. tried it, and it hurts as fuck, especially the smaller ones. probably am not as healthy as I thought.

I don't see any cascading hot water there though

just us before leaving the hot spring

the hot spring is located somewhere in the forest which every corner there feels like am embraced by the mother nature. as mentioned, everything in there feel natural, so is the hot spring. the hot spring is covered by moss, and when I dip my feet in, I can feel and I can also see that there is all these unknown particles circling my feet. there is also a pond where people can soak the whole body in the hot spring, frankly speaking, it is beyond my acceptation.

beside the hot spring, there is a water park, but the water is normal temperature instead of the temperature of the hot spring. somehow the water in the water park feels cleaner. 

after playing around for quite some time, we fresh up ourselves at the washroom. not to mention, there is a locker that we need to pay for RM3 to put our stuff as the belongings will be left unattended if there is without a locker.

frankly speaking, it is kinda like a lifetime experience of mine as I do not feel like going back in near future. I guess I will only be going when there is feedback saying the place got cleaner and there is more to explore, maybe.

signing off. XOXO

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