Tony Roma's

it's another celebration with someone and we had decided to go to Tony Roma's as we have never tried it together and we were lazy to get out from the mall plainly for dinner. went to the Tony Roma's which is located in Mid Valley ones.

complimentary bread

ordered sky juice instead. 

the main focus is the food, not drinks. not a big fan of mojito as well, so sky juice will do.

Tony Roma's signature appetizer, Roma's sampler

it comes with 3 different appetizer from the menu, red hot buffalo wings, potato skins and half onion loaf. the dish comes with bleu cheese dressing sour cream and Tony Roma's original BBQ sauce. everything is fine to me but the signature onion ring. not really a big fan of onion ring. and the white sauce, it's pretty tasteless for me.

my kind of face when am eating and watching the TV at the same time. have no idea why my pinky finger is up.

Tony Roma's recommended main course, fillet medallions and grilled salmon

it comes with 2 fillet medallions topped with a demi-glace, I paired it with grilled salmon as I don't feel like having any heavy meat in one shot. I wanted mashed potato and someone wanted fries, there we go, having 2 potatoes in a plate. instead of the fillet medallions, I prefer the grilled salmon.

maybe am having high expectation on the signature dish, or maybe they do not taste good to me, somehow the signature dishes we had ordered is not so significantly yummy to me.

ordered only an appetizer and a main course

thought this will not be enough, who knew we were wrong, SO WRONG. can't even finish it and ended taking away a big chuck of it. kinda belittle on the portion, luckily we did not order anything else.


how is the ambiance there? 
it feels happening in there.

how's the price?
with that kind of portion, I would say it's a good deal.

how's the staff?
honest, good. someone left the wallet there, and the wallet is well kept by the manager when we went back for it.

how's the food?
below expectation, expect them to be better

will I ever go back there?

signing off. XOXO

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