Bukit Tinggi (French Village + Rabbit Farm)

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more photos from the previous post, trying not to flood a post with too many photos.

just a path to other rooms of the hotel in French Village

by the fountain, but the fountain got no water one

one last one from the French Village

after that, we went to the rabbit farm which is a few minutes drive from the French Village. kind of missed it cause it is not as obvious as I thought it is.

ironically, did not take any picture of the rabbit when the place I have went is a rabbit farm. the rabbits are cute, but they are smelly too. they were running a bit too fast for pictures and I do not feel like holding them.

instead of rabbit, I took lots of pictures with other animals in a bigger size


the picture might look like it's quite a distance, trust me, this is the nearest I can get. kind of sensed one of the deer is having a baby, I do not want to be attacked plainly for a photo.

little pony

the pony is this little, and it's definitely not the distance that made the ponies look this little. the ponies can literally sniff my hair if I ever get a step closer.


I can touch it if I straighten my hand. bear in mind, it is only tied with that red rope, and that rope does not look tight to me. tried to touch it, but it doesn't look friendly to me and there is no one next to me assist me. so yeah, at least I managed to get a decent photo by myself.

overall, the rabbit farm is pretty fun as most of the animals in it are free to walk around the farm. but also, there is dunk all over the place, just be careful with your step. it shares the same concept with the Cleland wild life park in Adelaide, just that this is smaller and instead of kangaroos and wallabies, it has deer and rabbits.

signing off. XOXO

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