Bukit Tinggi (French Village)

click here for Japanese Village in Bukit Tinggi.

so after we had left Japanese Village, we drove to another direction which is where the French Village is located.
 before arrival, we were welcomed by this castle alike building.

where the car is parked

even the car park worth the picture

the so called castle alike building

the signature building of French Village

there is this garden that looks like the scene in Alive in the Wonderland before the entrance of the building. felt like am no longer in Malaysia with all these pretty scenes.

there, the building people must take a photo with upon visit

that's the bridge we have to walk through in order to be in the village

then there is the swans

then there is the black swan, which do not look friendly to me

look how distant am standing ~

have never been to French, wouldn't have known how it exactly look like in France, but this place definitely look like it's not from Malaysia. Bukit Tinggi, good job! 

sadly, there is nothing much to do here other than taking pictures, should have more to do. maybe the culture is like that ba, which is why the village is built in that way, my humble interpretation.

till the next post. XOXO

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