Penang (Day 2 Part 4)

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this is the last post of mine for all of the pictures in interactive museum.

trying to mess up the lady who's preparing for Chinese Opera

playing saxophone for P.Ramlee

trying to distract the guy with a giant feather

my painting had brought the dragon alive

under the sea. which is placed right next to the exit

 After that, we head out and cycled aimlessly as we have no idea what to eat. the cars are crazy. hated our own to the max as it is super hard to cycle when the road is packed with cars.

nope, this is not the bike we had, but the kids are trying to steal my buns tho

heard the Teochow cendol is originated in Penang and this is the main branch. tried and tested. I do not like it. I prefer the one I have back in Kuantan. 

after that, we went to the clan jetty. yes. by cycling and chaining the bike up, which is one of the hardest task to do for taking the bike cause it the stand of the bike can't stand the weight of the bike, therefore the bike has to be leaned of something else in order to park it.

these are real houses. humans do live in these houses

the entrance of clan jetty

I really have no idea what's with clan jetty though. but since everyone says it is one of the must go places, and I went, and nothing impressed me.

till the next post. XOXO

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