Penang (Day 3)

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it's the 3 days trip and it had finally came to an end. ending the trip with a frown face cause holiday has come to an end. that's how fast time flies.

left the luggage at the hotel after checking out as they do store the luggage after checking out and we do not want to hold our luggage while wandering around. walking around with luggage under the scorching sun is not fun at all.

it's placed at outside of someone's house. don't give a fuck and took a picture on it.

trying the kid's pose

some Malaysia comic that shows then and now

Penang asam laksa

shaved ice. I love Penang shaved ice, cause they add Sarsi in it

had the laksa and the shaved ice in some kind of heritage cafe along the Armenian street. it's not the famous kind, but am just craving for food, any food. the food are normal, nothing to brag about though.

I love to take picture with old buildings.

Chee Cheong Fun @ Kedai Kopi Seow Fung Lye

it's kinda so so to me, as there is not much to expect from it

Tua Pui Curry Mee

hmm, it's a decent bowl of curry noodle

what surprises me is that there is cuttlefish in the curry noodle as the curry noodle that I have had in my life do not has any cuttlefish in it.

just some decoration outside of the hotel

later then, the hotel staff is super nice to call a cab for us to the airport. we took bus to the hotel and that was not a pleasant experience. I am willing to pay a bit more in order to check in on time at the airport.

lastly, back to KL and took ERL back to PJ.

signing off. XOXO

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