Penang trip (Day 1)

throwing back to last year when there is a flight promotion by Air Asia with 0 fare. since I have never taken a flight together with someone, so we made a last minute plan to Penang as I heard the place is okay to travel without a car. indeed, but it will be better with a car, my bad.

took a quick picture right after getting off from the plane

I regret the moment when I touched down because cab is expensive and the bus took forever to arrive. been asked by the tax drivers and they were trying to convince me to get on the cab cause we have been waited for forever. still, managed to wait for THE bus after at least 30 minutes under the scorching sun.

love how classy the building looks like

a place we pass by after hopping off from the bus. missed the stop, cause all I did was turning on the WAZE when the bus was moving and hop off when we were the nearest. who knew, wrong calculation, walked for another extra 1km, at least.

having the luggage in the bus, correction, in a crowded bus is not easy. having all these and the bus drove super fast is another level, I hated myself to the max at that very moment.

I have no idea where is this, but it does look good for picture!

hey kitty cat~

just like Ipoh, the streets were colored with mural arts. did not purposely look for it, they just happen to be next to me, and tourist has to do what a tourist do~

a building right next to the hotel we had booked. went in, still no idea what it is

lending a hand to a bunny going back to the hole

tambun biscuits. I guess Penang is famous with it too

some ancient wooden door. I might look like was pulling it hard, but all I did was posing for photo


before the sky got darker, we had rushed all the way from the place we stay to this place. I guess this is the most expensive meal we have ever had in Penang and it is good! thanks to the recommendation from the Internet, it is worthy.

even the menu looks "ATAS"

ginger scallion fried rice noodle with huge prawn

aglio olio spaghetti with cheese baked huge prawn


how is the ambiance there? 
good, some atas chinese restaurant with AC

how's the price?
it is below RM50 for 2 plates of these and the prawn indeed is huge

how's the staff?

how's the food?

will I ever go back there?
yes, too bad Penang is a bit too far away

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