so this time, last year, I was brought to some "ATAS" Japanese Restaurant for my birthday. kind of scrolled over the internet for some ideas and Kuriya comes to the list which is located in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

analyzing every picture in the menu

had hot green tea

I have no idea why there is salad. basically this is how the table looked like when we were served.

ordered a sashimi set. the sashimi is good! the sashimi is really fresh! totally worth the price.

always wanted to try sea urchin, and finally got to try it. it is pricey and I do not like how it tastes like. definitely not going to crave for it in the future.

some wagyu beef and the beef is damn good!


how is the ambiance there? 
classy and good

how's the price?
it is pricey, but with that kind of food and ambiance, it's reasonable

how's the staff?

how's the food?
within expectation, good.

will I ever go back there?
yes, if I have my parents with me to pay for it

signing off. XOXO

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